How Dat Werk?! November 2016

Welcome to “How Dat Werk?!”

The term “How Dat Werk?!” came about while watching RuPaul’s Drag Race season six. Bianca Del Rio (who went on to snatch the crown) was commenting on a fellow contestant, Gia Gunn, who was applying makeup without knowing what Snatch Game character Gia wanted to be. When drag queens “paint” their faces, they usually have an idea of what they want to look like, but not knowing what your end result is supposed to be is confusing.  

Essentially, the main goal of “How Dat Werk?” is to expose and highlight hypocrisy and insincerity of today’s society.

How Dat Werk? – Child Labor

Imagine an eleven-year-old child, hunched over a sewing station for twelve to sixteen hours a day; they have only one day off, if they are lucky. In peak times during the year, they are forced to work nineteen to twenty hours a day, sleeping on the floor for four to five hours before resuming work again. And the wage? Around 6.5 cents an hour.


How did you imagine that scenario? Was it in black in white with the children in turn of the century-style clothing? If so, you are incorrect. Child labor is alive and well in 2016. Some offenders: Nike, Nestle, Mattel, Wal-Mart, Disney, The Gap. If you believe child workers should not exist, but shop at a store that uses or facilitates child labor, you are – in part – supporting this poor business practice. HOW DAT WERK?! Be proactive and look at your labels – try your best to oppose child labor.


Cover image property of: Rupaul’s Drag Race; Bianca Del Rio.


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