How Dat Werk?! December 2016

How Dat Werk? – I’m Not Racist; I have [insert number here][insert ethnicity here] friends!

There’s a love-hate relationship with contradictory statements. On one hand, they show the overall ridiculousness of someone’s thought process. However, the binary also shows how willing society is to accept this thought process as a legitimate argument. The one discussed in this HDW is “I’m not racist; I have three black friends.” Or, as the title suggests, enter in the appropriate quantity and ethnicities in the designated spaces, like Mad Libs!


Long story short, if you have to tell people the ethnic composition of your supposed friends, it does not negate the possibility of you being racist. Not being racist implies you treat everyone equal, regardless of color or cultural ties. Additionally, if you see a minority approaching you and your reaction is to lock your car door or clutch your purse, you’re probably dealing with fears based on stereotypes. So, using someone else to prove your un-racistness…How dat werk?!

It does not. YOU have to prove through actions and words that you’re not racist; the burden falls on you, not your friends.


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