How Dat Werk?! March 2017

How Dat Werk?! Pretending Everything is Fine

There’s a meme / photo I am seeing a lot on social media about a rhetorical Bob and Sally and who they voted for:

They’re smiling because they are both wearing the same thing.


After laughing for about a minute, I knew many people would find fault in this picture. However, I implore people to read this and truly think about it. It may offend some people and even call those that support this picture “libtards” or “hippies” or [insert name calling here].

Let’s break this picture down: The original text says, “Bob and Sally are still friends because Bob and Sally are both adults.” This past election was essentially won by using high school / childish tactics. “Well, she / he started it,” seems to be a constant and legitimate reason why people react to certain things. Or, not answering questions but following up with another question or statement that has nothing to deal with the issue at hand. Many “adults” have regressed to a high school mentality, of which has resulted in childish and immature behavior.

Now, look at the added dialogue in red. This is how many people who did not vote like Bob are feeling. We feel betrayed and confused. Many minorities are fearful because of the support the candidate are based on violent hate groups. The statement, “She thinks even if Bob isn’t a racist, ableist, xenophobic, misogynist sexual predator, he was fine voting for one.” This is true – you may not be any of those things, so why would you support someone who was? It’s like someone who hates gay people and is outspoken of their lifestyle, but likes watching Queer as Folk.

In the coming months, events are going to happen that are going to challenge your humanity.  Be outspoken about behavior that infringes upon someone’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Not speaking makes you an accomplice to hate.



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