How Dat Werk?! April 2017

How Dat Werk?! Alan Turing

Oh, the Internet! The place where anonymous trolls can log on, spew hatred, attack people and their opinions, log off, and have a nice dinner with the family. People feel the need to do whatever they please and use their freedom of speech to point out things they don’t like, such as homosexuality. There are pages and pages of homophobic rhetoric, but the funniest thing is the technology the modern computer and internet uses are based off of the intelligence and brilliance of a gay atheist! How dat werk?

Alan Turing received his doctorate from Princeton and is regarded as a giant influence in the scope of theoretical computer science. He also would help to decode intercepted German messages that used the Enigma machine, by building an electromagnetic counter-machine to go through thousands potential codes in a matter of moments. It is estimated his invention shortened World War II by two years and saved countless lives. Modern computers and the internet would have eventually been invented, but the leaps and bounds undertaken are attributed to Turing and his technological brain child. So, thank Alan Turing – a gay atheist – for your ability to go on the internet and hate bash homosexuals and non-religious people.



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