How Dat Werk?! June 2017

How Dat Werk?! Animal Testing

When I think of animal testing, I think of Legally Blonde 2, where Elle Woods wanted to reunite her dog Bruiser with his mom, but she was currently being used in a testing laboratory. Who came up with that plot twist? M. Night Shyamalan? But, Luke Wilson was just too adorable in that movie to look away. Priorities.

Most of the people that read this blog probably have or had a pet in their lives. Fed them, walked them, played with them, and most of all, loved them. And they paid it back in kind. Now imagine that same animal who you loved, locked down in either a cage or restraints and being sprayed with chemicals.

Don’t be fooled! Not all bunny logos are created equal!

If these products are ultimately for us to use, when why animals? I’m sure there are people who would be willing participants and also sign litigation waivers preventing future lawsuits. From the Food and Drug Administration website they state, “The FD&C Act does not specifically require the use of animals in testing cosmetics for safety, nor does the Act subject cosmetics to FDA premarket approval.” (

Like all things, the bottom line is money. It costs money for waivers to be made, to find human subjects, to provide them with some sort of care, and so on and so forth. Multimillion and multibillion companies lower the bottom line as much as they want to increase their profit margin.

I’m guilty of using products from companies that test on animals but I am making a more conscious decision on what to purchase. Use cruelty free products – you can see a list here or shop at Lush. There’s an app called Cruelty Free that also helps you on the go. Yes, you will pay more, but on the flip side, it is sending a message to those other companies. I understand that some financial situations don’t allow this to be an option but it doesn’t cost anything to write an email expressing your concerns. Speak up and advocate against companies that you use to move away from testing on animals.

How dat werk? We can express outrage over the killing of Harambe and Cecil the lion, but there are dogs, cats, marsupials, primates, and mammals that will never get to run outside or feel grass underneath their feet. If you love animals, you should speak up for them all.

Speak up, America. Speak up!


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