Wanderlust or Bust: Ireland

Welcome to the inaugural Wanderlust or Bust post! I will give a short overview of my time in a particular country, end with a saying, and give tips that will help you while you are there. And with that, let’s get started!

Beautiful and green, Ireland is a great place to visit. The various natural landmarks and museums are everywhere are like a smorgasbord of fun! Two friends and myself road tripped around Ireland for about two weeks visiting and taking in as much as we could. We successfully traveled all around and saw the majority of the things we wanted as well as kayaking on the river Shannon. Well..more like baptized.

“May the saddest day of your future be no worse

Than the happiest day of your past.”

Ireland will be one of those happy days of your past you will recall upon. Ireland is a must.

Tips for jigging around Ireland:

  • Driving tips
    • Get a GPS or an app you can use offline by downloading it to your device. I like to use the app Here; you can download maps easily and it has an audible turn-by-turn function. YOU WILL NEED THIS when driving around – Ireland’s motorway system can be extremely confusing.
    • Ireland drives on the left hand side, which means everything is swapped. Drive around the airport to make sure you are comfortable driving. Also, the curb is on the left.
    • GET. FULL. COVERAGE INSURANCE! I cannot stress this enough. You may scrape, dent, or break something in the car. And if you are using your Visa and want to use theirs by booking your car with a Visa card, Northern Ireland and Ireland are not covered by the company.
  • If the places you are visiting sell online tickets – BUY THEM! Do this before you get there – it means less time in a line and more time having fun!
  • Stay at B&Bs! There are many in Ireland; run by Irish moms whose kids moved out or in college. You can book many of them online through a travel site. This will save you money AND you get to meet the locals.
  • Many of the stone walls have been there for over hundreds of years!
  • Northern Ireland uses the British pound while Ireland uses the Euro. If you are planning to visit both countries, you’ll need both currencies.  
  • You don’t have to pay metered parking stalls on Irish national holidays.
  • If you are able, pay extra to go on guided tours. They pick you up at your hotel, drive you to the place (with other interesting stops along the way) and provide you with much treasured Irish history.
  • Cheers in Irish is, “Sláinte,” which means, “To Health.” Pronouncing it is tricky – it sounds like – “slaun-cha,” or variations depending where you are.
  • There are castles everywhere! Some of them have really cool events like falconry.
  • If you are bringing back any liquids, there’s a certain alcohol limit to the amount that you can put in your suitcase. This doesn’t include beer.
  • Places to visit: Guinness Factory, Jameson Factories (Cork is the newest one, while the Dublin location is more of a store), King John’s Castle, Cliffs of Moher, (if you are a fan) Game of Thrones tour (Belfast), Titanic Museum (Belfast), Ring of Kerry, Giant’s Causeway, Blarney Stone, Bunratty Castle, Medieval Museum in Waterford (it has the only full set of medieval vestments to survive in northern Europe), Powerscourt Waterfall, Queen of Tarts pastry shop, St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


Cover image property of: BBC Travel


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