Reflection: Morally Bankrupt Due to Insufficient Funds


After writing this and walking away from it, I felt good about it – potentially shedding a light on issues in another part of the world. However, I took a moment a couple of weeks ago to look at what I wrote and I felt as though a follow up needed to be written.I feel like I came across extremely accusatory against South Africa; it felt that the tone was all wrong. It wasn’t selective but more of an over-generalized view on a subsection of life there. And to that, I profusely apologize.

Yes, there is crime there, and yes, it may be more than other countries. But these issues are not localized in South Africa. Crime and a lack of morality is widespread; festering across different cultures and economic backgrounds. Basic concepts of not hurting one another are seemingly pushed back to take care of the self first.   

But what continues to persevere in South Africa is hope for a better tomorrow. A tomorrow without racism and crime; with education, opportunities, inclusion, and peace. And thusly, South Africa becomes a microcosm of the Earth, in a good way.


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